God’s Story in 66 Verses

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God’s Story in 66 Verses: Understand the Entire Bible by Focusing on Just One Verse in Each Book

The Bible can seem like a big, intimidating book—mysterious, confusing, and often hard to understand. Written over a span of fifteen hundred years, two millennia ago, God’s Word sometimes feels like a mishmash of stories and literary styles. What can be done to make it more accessible to twenty-first-century readers?

Stan Guthrie’s answer: begin by zooming in on one key verse for each of the Bible’s sixty-six books. Seeking to bring clarity and simplicity to the study of God’s Word, Guthrie has written a concise, easy-to-digest collection of wisdom anchored in one verse for each book, from Genesis to Revelation—a verse that summarizes or lays the foundation for that book, placing it in context with the rest of the Scriptures.

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  • Editor at Large both for the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview and Christianity Today, as well as a columnist for BreakPoint.org, Stan produces arresting copy for books, articles, op-eds, reports, press releases, and more.
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  • An inspirational speaker and licensed minister of the gospel, he offers thoughtful and positive messages about spirituality, world missions, disability, and other topics.
  • His blog and Thought of the Day provide an insightful and entertaining perspective on new books, issues, and trends.

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