A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy: 60 Predictions Everyone Should Know (Baker Books, 2013):

This accessible guidebook will help you understand 60 crucial Bible prophecies within their context and avoid common misinterpretations. Stan Guthrie clearly and concisely explains what each prophecy meant to those who first received it, summarizes what it means for us today, and provides verses or passages for further individual or group study.

“Stan Guthrie is a cogent thinker and graceful writer I love to read. While A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy happens to cover an area of personal interest for me, Stan can draw me into any subject simply by the way he examines and explains it.”
—Jerry B. Jenkins
Novelist & Biographer
Owner, Christian Writers Guild

“Nothing is more exciting—or more important—than the promises and prophecies of Scripture. Nothing brings greater hope. Nothing brings greater clarity to our lives. I thank the Lord, and my good friend Stan, for this encouraging and important piece of work.”
—Luis Palau, world evangelist; author of Out of the Desert . . . Into the Life God Fully Intended

“Bible prophecy is a subject that’s often been smothered by fantasy, confusion, and outright distortion. Stan Guthrie addresses it with lucidity, humility, and a deep love for God’s Word.”
—John Wilson, editor, Books and Culture

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