Stan Guthrie

I am an author, opinion writer, speaker, podcaster, and editor with a particular emphasis on current issues and trends from a thoughtful Christian perspective.



Chuck Colson (White House aide, Watergate figure, prison reformer, author, philanthropist):

“Stan Guthrie is that rare combination of deep thinker and effective communicator.”

David Carlson (vice president of communications at Prison Fellowship):

“Stan is a well-trained journalist who brings a deep understanding of faith and culture to his work. I find him diligent, deadline-oriented, thorough, and creative. I would describe his prose style as clean and engaging. As editor, I never had to worry whether Stan would deliver what I needed on time (actually, his habit is to deliver well before deadline).”

John Wilson (editor, Books & Culture and Books & Culture podcast):

“Stan is both an excellent writer and an excellent editor—and on top of that, he never misses a deadline. He takes his Christian convictions seriously, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously: he combines his professionalism with a great sense of humor.”

Timothy C. Morgan (author, instructor, and journalist):

“I’ve known Stan Guthrie for nearly 20 years as a friend, colleague, and in many other capacities. Stan is a rare one indeed with ability to eagle-eye details as well as zoom out for the bigger picture. There are many talents within his grasp—writing, editing, project management, leadership, mentoring. Stan also is forward-looking in pressing himself and others toward excellence beyond their grasp. He is personable, compassionate, truthful, able to be a team player as well as solo.”

Brian Thomasson (vice president, editorial, The Good Book Company):

“Stan’s remarkable ability to bring prose to life and to capture the voice of an author is a rare treasure in the publishing industry. A delight to work with and always right on deadline.”

Jerry Root (professor at Wheaton College, author, and lecturer):

“Stan is a gifted writer whose words are full of wisdom and insight. His use of depiction to make a point reveals his ability to communicate both imaginatively and winsomely. He is brilliant at crafting a sentence and developing an idea. He really knows the craft of writing and possesses great skill.”

Kurt Goff (host, “Kurt and Kate Mornings” on Moody Radio Florida):

“Stan Guthrie has added so much to our show … insightful commentary, passion for Jesus, heart for people, and a willingness to follow God’s lead. Stan is a pro at being flexible and nimble even when something comes at him from left field. His good judgment and courageous convictions lead the way. Life’s challenges have given him an authentic humility that’s tangible.”

Palmer Holt (president, InChrist Communications):

“Stan is the ultimate professional—knowledgeable, skilled, and of the highest character.”

Deann Alford (author and journalist):

“Stan taught me skills such as cultivating news sources and how to meet tight wordcounts without shortchanging the conveying of information. Stan also encouraged me to successfully market my stories to other publications with wider audiences. I admired Stan’s ability as a manager and leader over the years at several periodicals to effectively don a variety of hats and keep a veritable collection of plates spinning on sticks. He’s also a listener and a friend.”

Jerry Pattengale (professor, Indiana Wesleyan University; senior advisor to the president, Museum of the Bible):

“Stan Guthrie is a unique talent, able to polish strong works or craft fluid stories out of disparate and awkward parts. He was of immense help with a multiyear, multimillion-dollar book series at the Museum of the Bible that has reached audiences internationally.”

Brent Lindquist, PhD (President Emeritus, Link Care Foundation):

“I have known Stan since last century when he was a writer and researcher and I was an appointed board member from a sponsoring association. Stan had a wealth of information at his fingertips and could help us to understand the signs of the times. I read about issues today, and I wonder what Stan’s take is. I want to see what he thinks and understand how he got there. For me, Stan would be a co-author, ghost writer, researcher, and even part of my media cohort. He is certainly on my short list for future projects.”

Karen Sawyer (Media and Production Management, New Covenant Church, Naperville):

“I have had the good fortune of working with Stan Guthrie for almost four years. Stan has been a pivotal asset in ensuring that our print and digital copy not only adheres to, but exceeds, industry standards. In our work on book projects,  Stan advises and oversees all processes related to content, style guidelines, audience tone, design and layout, book registration with the Library of Congress, post production printer selection, and conversion to digital formats. Stan implemented tracking processes whereby everyone involved in the production process was able to clearly track the input of each individual, implement changes they were responsible for, and ensure each draft was finalized in a concise manner. In general, Stan’s copy is always early, content ready, clearly marked, appropriate for our demographic, and formatted for the market we will be releasing it in—digital or print, internal or to market.

“Additionally, as Director of Communications, Stan defined and enforced editing protocols, copy length limits, and editorial content due dates, which allowed for revisions while still meeting production deadlines. As we work with a team of ministers, not writers by trade, Stan went the extra mile to provide content guidance, copy oversight, content mentoring, and ensured that what arrived on my desk for layout—in either digital or print form—was the length needed, and without need of revision. His roll-up-your-sleeves and pitch-in attitude was rare and appreciated.”

John Fonville (Author, Hope and Holiness: How the Gospel Enables and Empowers Sexual Purity; Rector, Paramount Church, Jacksonville):

“When I first preached on 1 Corinthians 6, the initial manuscript I sent to Stan consisted of lightly edited sermon notes. My seminary training taught me how to write a sermon. Stan taught me how to write a book. He is a gifted and brilliant writer and editor. This book would not exist without Stan. I am grateful for his professional craftsmanship as well as his friendship.”

Mark A. Kellner (National Writer, The Washington Times):

“Editing is almost always challenging, but doing it well on the tight deadlines of a news operation shows exceptional skill. In the years I worked with Stan Guthrie as a freelance contributor to Christianity Today, his editing improved my writing, and I learned much that continues to influence my work as a national reporter for The Washington Times. Stan has a gentle touch, an easy manner, and tremendous understanding of both readers’ needs and how journalists work.”

New Covenant Church

August 2022 to present

Minister of Communications

Write, edit, and create blog posts, ministry updates, pastoral letters, special events communications, seasonal pieces, sermons, lessons, white papers, articles, books, social media, and podcasts. Position requires strong communication skills, knowledge of Scripture and Christian principles, and a desire to teach and encourage people in the faith.

October 2019 to present

Director of Communications

Create and deliver church communications, research, writing, editing, public relations, and content for social media.

Stan Guthrie Communications

May 2009 to present


Literary and communications agency providing books, articles, scripts, editing, and podcasting services. Clients: Colson Center, Museum of the Bible, Zondervan Publishing House, Moody Publishers, Wheaton College, Wall Street Journal, Saddleback Church, Christianity Today, Paraclete Press, Prison Fellowship, Baker Books, Thomas Nelson, Abingdon Press, Regnery Publishing, InChrist Communications, Disciple Nations Alliance.

Columnist and Opinion Writer

September 2006 to present

Columnist for Christianity Today from 2006 to 2008. Wrote 171 scripts and columns for the Colson Center for Christian Worldview from 2009 to 2021. Blog for New Covenant Church, write reviews and op-eds for other outlets. Chuck Colson said, “Stan Guthrie is that rare combination of deep thinker and effective communicator.”

Book Author, Editor, and Agent

May 2009 to present

Published books include: author (6), co-author (1), writer (7), editor (16), contributor (8), agent (7). Authored and co-authored titles: “Victorious: Corrie ten Boom and The Hiding Place,” “God’s Story in 66 Verses,” “A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy, “All That Jesus Asks,” “Missions in the Third Millennium,” “The Seven Signs of Jesus,” “The Sacrament of Evangelism.” Authors assisted with their books include Dinesh D’Souza, Greg Laurie, Charles Colson, Ravi Zacharias, more.

Radio Speaker and Podcaster

May 2009 to present

Since 1994 a regular guest on Moody Broadcasting, “The Dick Staub Show,” “The Eric Metaxas Show,” “In the Market with Janet Parshall,” and many other programs and stations. Currently a weekly guest on “Kurt & Kate Mornings” (Moody Radio Florida). Host of John Wilson’s “Books & Culture” podcast from 2009 to 2015. Launched “The Loop with Stan Guthrie” in December 2022.

Christianity Today

November 2000 to May 2009

Managing Editor for Projects

Organized panel discussions at Christian Book Expo, revamped annual CT Book Awards (with 81-percent revenue increase), wrote two cover stories, managed freelance writers, produced news, opinion, and review articles.


Bachelor of Science, Journalism

University of Florida

Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies / Certificate in Biblical Studies

Columbia International University

Grant Seeking Essentials Certificate Program



Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPress, Audacity

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