The Democratic Response

Today’s Democratic Party leaders, having jettisoned their credibility in the war on terror, have dredged up Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor in the disastrous Carter administration, to carry their anti-war water for them. Yesterday, in the Democratic response to President Bush’s radio address outlining progress in Iraq, Brzezinski charged that the war has been conducted with “tactical and strategic incompetence.” Perhaps we should listen to him. Brzezinski, on hand for Jimmy’s triumph in Iran, surely knows incompetence when he sees it.

Even if Brzezinski is right, that mistakes were made, so what? Doesn’t that happen in every war? And what American purpose does it serve now to tear down the commander-in-chief during wartime, especially right after a presidential address? I don’t remember hearing about a “Republican response” after FDR gave one of his fireside chats to the American people during World War II. Such disloyalty would have been unthinkable. Remember when politics used to stop at the water’s edge?

And is Brzezinski blind to the effect his words will have on our troops on the ground? Is he oblivious that he is playing into the hands of the terrorists, who know they cannot win militarily and thus are counting on us losing our resolve in a deadly war of attrition? Thanks to such mindless and partisan criticism, we are that much closer to turning a fledgling democracy back over to the thugs. If we cut and run and the torture and rape rooms open for business again, the Iraqi people will have people like Zbigniew Brzezinski to thank for it.

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Stan Guthrie is an editor at large for Christianity Today magazine and for the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. His latest book is God's Story in 66 Verses. He also is author of All that Jesus Asks: How His Questions Can Teach and Transform Us, Missions in the Third Millennium: 21 Key Trends for the 21st Century, and A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy. He is co-author of The Sacrament of Evangelism. Besides authoring, writing, and editing books, Stan is a literary agent, bringing together good authors, good books, and good publishers. Stan writes the monthly Priorities colum for He has appeared on National Public Radio's €œTell Me More,€ WGN's Milt Rosenberg program, and many Christian shows, including The Eric Metaxas Show and Moody Radio'€™s €œNew Day Florida.€ A licensed minister and an inspirational speaker, he served as moderator for the Christian Book Expo panel discussion, Does the God of Christianity Exist, and What Difference Does It Make?
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