The Consoler in Chief

Aside from the fact that I don’t recall a similar pep rally / memorial service for the Fort Hood victims, I thought our Consoler in Chief did a fine job in Tucson last night. (Okay, he probably shouldn’t have asked what “triggered” the attack, his reference to “life partners” was a clunker, and he went on a bit too long.) Mr. Obama spoke against the kind of opportunistic political demonization his followers have been engaged in all week (and which he has been known to dabble in), and he struck the right note saying that our actions ought to be worthy of the lives of the victims.

And compared to Sarah Palin’s unfortunate complaint that her critics have been involved in a “blood libel” (which showed insensitivity to Jews and served as an example of the kind of heated rhetoric people are wringing their hands over), his words sounded downright presidential.

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