Libyagate: What We Know

Here’s what we know about the Libya scandal: (1) Ambassador Chris Stevens was concerned about his safety and asked for more security. (2) The administration, busy with its narrative that al Qaeda had been neutralized, failed to provide that requested security. (3) On September 11, administration officials watched a coordinated, RPG-armed terror attack on the Benghazi consulate for about seven hours, without calling in any backup or even a drone strike as Stevens and three colleagues were murdered, the consulate ransacked. (4) For perhaps two solid weeks President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Rice, and other administration and campaign officials placed blame for the attack squarely on a YouTube video.

Say what you will about Richard Nixon and Watergate. At least no one died (as they did in Libya and in Fast and Furious). Can there be any doubt that if Mitt Romney were the president, the press would be all over this? Yet, two weeks before the election, there is precious little media concern over what the Nobel Peace Prize winner knew, and when he knew it.


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