If the gears of your marriage are beginning to creak, here’s a simple way to grease them. Say “thank you” to your spouse as often as possible–for big things, little things, and everything in between.

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Talk less. Think more.

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boxing glovesDid you see the latest Fox debate Thursday night? Those conservative moderators were ruthless in their questioning of the Republican candidates–no wonder Trump didn’t show up (and no wonder the Dems won’t get anywhere near a Fox-run event).

It’s really not fair; the Republicans have to lace up their boxing gloves fr every debate, while the Democrats get the kid-glove treatment. Please don’t tell me Roger Ailes’ network is a propaganda organ for the GOP. If CNN, MSNBC, and the three major broadcast networks tried to do anything close to this in their debates with Hillary and Bernie, instead of their usual shillery, then I might think we really do have something approaching a free and unbiased press in this country.

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earthThe latest virus fear is Zika, which could shrink the heads of newborns if their expectant mothers are exposed to it. Apparently the virus has been confined to tropical areas in the Third World, and so researchers in the rich world have devoted few resources to preventing or curing it. Now, however, with the threat looming, they are kicking their research into overdrive–and perhaps too late.

If the West were more good and less self-focused, perhaps we would have been doing the hard work of fighting Zika all along, out of love for our global neighbors. Truly, the wages of sin, even the sin of not caring for others, is death.

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On the Radio: Nikabrik’s Candidate

micJohn Blok of Moody Radio Florida interviews me about my BreakPoint colleague Gina Dalfonso’s article in First Things, “Nikabrik’s Candidate.”

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Memo to authors: It doesn’t matter how well-written and insightful your books are. If they don’t scratch readers where they itch, people won’t buy them.

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What the Devil and The Donald Have in Common

devil headDonald Trump has never denied himself when it comes to bullying or belittling others. But like most bullies, Trump, who endlessly boasts how he’ll handle Putin, the dictators in China, and other world bullies, is quick to back down when challenged.

The Donald, who has dropped out of Thursday’s Iowa debate, can’t handle the prospect of facing a few more tough questions from Megyn Kelly.

As well, Trump says he’s taking his ball and going home in response to a snarky, satirical press release from the debate sponsor, Fox News Channel, saying it must have been written by “a child.” Perhaps; perhaps not. But does anyone else remember last fall when Trump blamed one of his interns for a tweet that mocked Iowa voters? Maybe it’s the same guy.

Apparently The Donald knows how to dish it out but has never learned how to take it. Somebody get him a box of tissues.

When contemplating the mercurial Republican front runner, I am reminded of this observation from Thomas More: “The devil, that proud sprite, cannot bear to be mocked.”

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footballAs the AFC and NFC championship games proved once again, you can make any quarterback look ordinary if you hit him enough.

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Donald Trump’s dangerous politics of pride

By Michael Gerson

bible flagOf all Donald Trump’s political skills, perhaps the most impressive is his ability to persuade people to support him by suspending their deepest, lifelong beliefs.

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Christians, your support of the the vain and vulgar Donald Trump is between you and God. But may I request that you not quote Scripture to justify it? The cognitive dissonance is giving me a headache.

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