Extraordinary Coaching

Do you need coaching?

Do you struggle with bitterness or anger?

Are you uncertain about God’s will for your life?

Do you long for renewed spiritual intimacy and vitality?

Do you need faith-based motivational coaching?

Are you grieving a loss?

Do you need wise guidance about a career, a ministry, or a relationship?

Would you like to confide in a trusted and mature spiritual guide and companion?

Meet Stan Guthrie

Let me be honest. I’m not perfect–there, I said it! If you must have someone who has all the answers, then I’m not the right person for you.

But if you want hard-won insights and encouragement from someone who’s walked the path and found the Lord to be “a very present help in trouble,” then let’s talk! Here is a little bit about me:

I’m a licensed minister who has spoken at weddings and funerals. I’m an editor at large for the Colson Center for Christian Worldview whose commentaries and columns have been read by millions. My books have sold tens of thousands of copies. Some have been translated into other languages and sold all over the world, including at Christian colleges. My classic work, All That Jesus Asks: How His Questions Can Teach and Transform Us, has just been translated into Korean.

My marriage, by God’s grace, has lasted thirty-four years. We’ve faced some real challenges and heartaches by that same grace, and we’re still learning. We have experienced our share of broken relationships, grief, and disappointment. Disability is an issue in our home. However, we also know what it’s like to overcome–or to just keep on going, and with real joy.

I have a high degree of emotional intelligence and have excelled over the decades in coaching people to discern the next steps in their careers. I’m a faithful Bible reader, one who is eager to apply biblical truth in my own life, and in the lives of those I care about. My prayer life is growing. I know when to listen and when to speak. I ask penetrating questions, but I won’t judge you. You might as well know that I’m in process too and still struggle at times to consistently apply the truths I know about God and His love for me.

I’m empathetic without being mushy; a teacher without being pedantic; an encourager for the struggling soul; a pilgrim who seeks and senses Christ’s presence daily without becoming strange about it; a coach who can help you take needed steps in your life or career. My literary and actual spiritual mentors include–in no particular order–C.S. Lewis, John Calvin, J.I. Packer, G.K. Chesterton, R. Kent Hughes, Jerry Root, Robertson McQuilkin, Chris Castaldo, and Mike Mason.

Besides my Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Florida, I have earned a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies and a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Columbia International University. I have preached in churches; taught in both adult and children’s Sunday school classes; led workshops; encouraged church librarians; traveled to Ecuador, the United Kingdom, and The Netherlands for ministry; moderated a panel on atheism versus Christianity; and been a guest on radio programs too numerous to list.

This kind of experience and insight might be available in your church or other group–but it’s not always easy to find. Sometimes it’s best to seek the counsel of a wise and impartial outsider. Someone like me.

Would you like for me to walk alongside you in your spiritual journey right now?


I’m available for focused, one-hour consultations, either on the phone or in person, once a week or once a month. Group consultations are also available. To decide whether we are a good fit, I offer a 15-minute exploratory call at no charge.

Inquire at guthsc@att.net for rates. Thank you!

“Wisdom and sound biblical advice”

“For over fifteen years, Stan Guthrie has been a trusted friend to whom I go for wisdom and sound biblical advice. His ability to actively listen, ask insightful questions, and apply Christ-centered truth is an extraordinary gift-set, one which enables him to serve as a most effective coach.”

— Dr. Chris Castaldo, Lead Pastor, New Covenant Church, Naperville, Illinois, and author of Talking with Catholics about the Gospel

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