Shameless Double Standard

Granted, Mark Foley’s behavior is reprehensible and repulsive (to everyone but NAMBLA). Even if it weren’t, he deserves to be thrown out of office for his sheer stupidity. The Democrats, however, are baying for even more blood and are seeking Dennis Hastert’s resignation. Hastert, of course, says that he would have done something earlier if he had known about Foley’s sick little instant messages. But let’s face it: He did dump Foley, and the Republicans have not circled the wagons to defend the guilty as the Democrats did with Clinton. I have not heard one word from Republicans that “it’s only about sex” or “it depends what the meaning of is is.” And as far as we know, the Foley Fiasco does not involve actual sexual contact, as opposed to Clinton and Lewinsky. And the Foley revelation seems suspiciously timed so that it is too late to get another Republican name on the ballot in Foley’s place.

Oh, well, there’s at least one silver lining: This mess has completely eclipsed coverage of Bob Woodward’s anti-Bush book in the news media.

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