Bush’s Gracious and Cooperative Attitude Toward Obama

In the final days of his presidency, Bush’s conciliatory attitude is a reminder of what might have been.

By Kenneth T. Walsh

My reaction: I’m sure Bush could’ve done more to reach across the aisle, but remember that he did make early efforts (such as No Child Left Behind) and was attacked mercilessly anyway. Unlike Obama, Bush enjoyed no post-election honeymoon or peaceful transition, as his victory was bitterly challenged by Al Gore and company ’til right before inauguration day.

This article makes it seem as if the lack of comity is all W’s fault. Get real. It was not he who politicized national security, who trumped up the Valerie Plame nonscandal, and who was relentlessly mocked by the other side.

Sure, most presidents want to win against the opposing party, but I don’t recall U.S. News wistfully wishing Bill Clinton had reached out to the Republicans. Bush’s actions toward the president-elect are genuine reflections of his basic personal decency. He is neither the buffoon nor the evil mastermind that the Left has depicted him as, but a flawed human being who tried to do the best he could for the country in a time of national crisis and got precious little help from Democrats such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Let’s hope Republicans show more class with Obama than the Democrats did with

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