How Much Is $1.1 Trillion?

Justin Taylor at “Between Two Worldslinks to a post that attempts to help us grasp how much money is in the so-called stimulus plan. Here are some interesting facts:

– If you … collected … $1 million per day, ever[y] day from the birth of Christ, in 2009 you’d only be about 3/4 of the way to a trillion.
– If you got $1 every second, it would take almost 32,000 years to get to a trillion.
– If you stacked a trillion dollar bills on top of each other, it would go 68,000 miles into space–1/3 of the way to the moon.
– If you took [a trillion] 100-dollar bills and put them side to side, it would circle the equator 38.9 times

Justin notes, “So the proposed “stimulus” package costs more than the Marshall Plan, the Korean War, and the New Deal combined.”

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