Not Complaining

Everyone from Gen. David Petraeus to Hillary Clinton to the National Association of Evangelicals has been urging this bozo of a pastor at a matchbox-sized church in Gainesville, Florida, not to burn the Qur’an tomorrow. The only prominent Christian we haven’t heard from is Tim Tebow (though I wish we would). The media are eating all this up, because it fits their narrative of Christians as dufusses.

The situation is in some ways analogous to the imam who wants to build the equally offensive Ground Zero mosque. What’s in question in both cases is not the legality but the propriety of the action. There are a couple of important differences, however.

First, the president has not defended the church’s right to burn the Qur’an (while refusing to weigh in on the wisdom). Instead, Mr. Obama has weighed in on the wisdom of doing this (while declining to talk about the legality). Second, precious few Muslims have actually complained about the mosque, while countless Christians have complained about the church.

Why is that?

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