Debate II

Well, Mitt Romney failed to deliver the knockout punch last night, Candy Crowley did a good job protecting the president, and, as per usual, Barack Obama, Mr. Hope and Change, focused on class warfare themes (how the heartless Mr. Romney supposedly doesn’t pay enough in taxes, doesn’t care about women, wants to fire auto workers, how his only goal is to let “the rich” play by a different “set of rules,” etc.).

Every time the president said he was “going to” do something–such as lower corporate incomes taxes–I wanted to shout, “Why haven’t you done it already? You’re the president, aren’t you?” Of course, at one point, Mr. Obama said “when I was president,” as if his presidency is already over.

Did anyone else notice that Mr. Obama always seems to spend a lot more time describing Romney’s plans than he does his own? I wonder why that is?

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