Light, Please

It’s amazing how little light was shed on Benghazi after yesterday’s interminable “news conference.” Here are the facts we know: Ambassador Chris Stevens repeatedly requested additional security for the consulate over many weeks and was turned down; the administration was able to watch the terrorist attack over six or seven hours in real time and did nothing, rejecting calls for help from Navy Seals who went in and gave their lives to protect the staff, even when we had military assets in the region that could have made a difference; and the administration–Obama, Clinton, Rice, Petraeus, Carney, and others–lied for two weeks, telling the country (and even surviving family members) that the attack was simply a film protest gone bad.

We can speculate about why they did this, and why Petraeus was let go the day after the election, but these are the facts as we know them. The incurious, lapdog press yesterday let the president get away with simply saying that everything is “under investigation.” No one had the guts to ask him the obvious but embarrassing question: “What did you know, and when did you know it?”

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