Donald Trump is doubling down on crazy and nasty, and his supporters love it.

donkey hoteyAfter blaming George W. Bush for 9/11 (apparently getting his talking points straight from the loony left), shrilly calling Ted Cruz a liar 22 times, and praising the work of Planned Parenthood, his post-debate numbers only went up. Then The Donald took his unhinged act to a whole new level. Trump says if Cruz doesn’t apologize to him (for talking about his record), he will sue the Texas senator for supposedly not being eligible to serve as president.

Moreover, he is (again) making thinly veiled threats to run as a third-party candidate. Why? Because of all the boos he got at the debate, supposedly evidence that the Republican establishment is treating him “unfairly.”

Oh, please. Trump is an unprincipled bully. The thinking, if there is any, among his supporters seems to be, “I don’t care if he’s a thug, as long as he’s our thug.” His supporters prove that the Democrats–who support a criminal-in-waiting and a socialist–aren’t the only ones with unthinking voters.

My question to Trump backers, who in their understandable anger are throwing away perhaps the last opportunity for Republicans to elect a conservative president and return the country to some sense of sanity, is this:

“Is there anything–anything at all–that The Donald could say or do that would cause you to question your blind support?”

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