The cords that Donald Trump’s advisors have placed around their candidate’s mouth (and Twitter feed) over the last month so that he can seem more “presidential” (and less unhinged) are starting to fray.

Just yesterday he insulted a minister on Twitter, refused to state that Barack Obama was born in America, and had to deny a report that his good friend, the unconservative Peter Thiel, believes he will be nominated to the Supreme Court. (This, of course, would destroy the main argument many conservatives employ for voting for him.)

If Trump didn’t have a track record, we maybe could just dismiss all this as a bad day on the campaign trail. But he does have a track record, and it’s not a good one. So Trump, the master salesman, asks us to believe his latest pitch, that he really does know what he’s doing, will nominate conservative judges, and isn’t a nut.

Let the buyer beware.

Clarification: Trump’s attack on the minister actually occurred on “Fox & Friends.”

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