I have no problem with any Christian group or church condemning the alt-right. (I condemn it myself.) But why the particular urgency right now for the SBC to do this? Do people think there is a particular link between the Southern Baptists and the loony tunes among us?

Perhaps I missed something, but I don’t see it. Isn’t a condemnation of these nuts likely to be seen as an admission of complicity? Are Catholics being pressured to condemn the nutcases, too?

If the SBC does condemn the alt-right, I hope all other churches (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox) will do likewise. And then we can make sure everyone condemns all the baddies: the Communist Party, ISIS, the KKK, those who don’t recycle, etc.

It doesn’t take a lot of courage to kick dirt in the face of the SBC these days. Sometimes this kind of virtue-signaling is a mask for scoring political points.

Update: OK, I’m sold, and may the other denominations follow the SBC’s lead:

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