The Loop with Stan Guthrie

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A critical, humorous, and enlightening podcast

. . . all from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Author, columnist, and jack of all trades communicator Stan Guthrie offers a critical and oft-humorous look at the day’s news, issues, and trends, all from a thoughtful Christian perspective.

On “The Loop with Stan Guthrie,” you’ll hear an entertaining and enlightening blend of monologues, interviews, observations, and jokes. From his home studio in Chicagoland, Stan cheerfully takes on all comers in a culture losing its mind . . . without losing his.

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Published podcasts:

The Loop No. 1: The Cambridge Dictionary and Aaron Rodgers – 12/15/22

The Loop No. 2: Illinois Taxes and Outmigration, Newspeak at Stanford, and Christmas Hope – 12/23/22

The Loop No. 3: The Top 10 News Stories of 2022 – 12/29/22

The Loop No. 4: Pro-Death Democrats and Ten Very Bad Words – 1/13/23

The Loop No. 5: Abortion 50 Years On, Celebrity Purity, and Chicago Headlines – 1/20/23

The Loop No. 6: Andy Stanley’s Definition of Faith, and Advice to an Aspiring Author – 1/27/23

The Loop No. 7: Of Disaster Areas, Meddling Churches, and Heavy Knowledge – 2/3/23


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