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Here’s what my friend J.I. Packer said about ATJA:

“Rigorously presenting the Jesus of the Gospels as our interrogator and digging deep into the realities of discipleship as he taught it, Guthrie’s book is a landmark. I urge you to buy it and read it again and again.”

If you haven’t yet bought this life-changing book, now is the perfect time.

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More books have been written about Jesus than any other historical figure. Many of these books ask and answer questions about Jesus. All That Jesus Asks: How His Questions Can Teach and Transform Us allows him to do the asking and shows why getting the right answers will change your life.

Covering nearly 300 questions recorded in the New Testament under twenty-six separate themes, All That Jesus Asks uncovers who Jesus is by examining what was important to him and what he wants us to believe. This unique and comprehensive look at the greatest figure in history will encourage and challenge readers … both believers and those on the way.

Great for Sunday school classes, small groups, and individual study! All That Jesus Asks has discussion questions, suggestions for further reading, and a full index of the questions.

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Praise for Stan Guthrie and All That Jesus Asks

“Stan Guthrie is one of the most incisive writers I read. I’m always informed and challenged by his thinking.”―Jerry B. Jenkins, novelist; owner, Christian Writers Guild

“Atheists attempt to put Christians on the defensive by questioning the authority and goodness of God—the God whose existence they call into question. This book turns the tables by allowing Jesus to ask the questions. All That Jesus Asks will touch your head and your heart. I highly recommend it.”―Dinesh D’Souza, author, What’s So Great about Christianity

“People’s sentiments about Jesus can run strong . . . . We prefer a sentimental picture because it requires nothing from us, neither conviction nor commitment. And because it lacks truth, it lacks power. In this new book, Stan Guthrie is out to change that picture. Using the questions that Jesus actually asked of those around him, Stan leads us into a deeper look at Christ’s humanity, authority, and mission. In All That Jesus Asks, you will discover the rugged truth about Christ and what that truth asks of you.”―Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“Rigorously presenting the Jesus of the Gospels as our interrogator and digging deep into the realities of discipleship as he taught it, Guthrie’s book is a landmark, perhaps a classic. I urge you to buy it and read it again and again.”―J. I. Packer, Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College

All That Jesus Asks slices through the fog of culture and history to place us in an uncomfortable but privileged seat at the feet of Jesus as he teaches and confronts those who would follow him—or challenge him. You will find Jesus’s questions to be both spiritually inspiring and unsettling.”―Chuck Colson, founder, Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

“We all have our questions for Jesus and about Jesus—as if his job is to stand at our beck and call and answer our questions. Stan Guthrie encourages us to start in a completely different place: thinking about the questions Jesus asks us! That approach, along with Guthrie’s gracious and thoughtful writing, will no doubt help many readers meet Jesus afresh.”―Mark Galli, senior managing editor, Christianity Today, and author, Jesus Mean and Wild

“Stan Guthrie’s All That Jesus Asks is one-of-a-kind because it is the only book to date to deal with all the questions that Jesus asked—all three hundred of them! . . . The carefully crafted discussion questions at the end of each chapter are sure to enliven study and group discussion. And the question index, which lists the entirety of Jesus’s questions according to their themes, will prove to be a unique resource to teachers and preachers alike. Thanks be to God for Stan Guthrie’s great idea and his life-giving work.”―R. Kent Hughes, senior pastor emeritus, College Church in Wheaton

“Through the eyes of a seasoned journalist, you may meet a Jesus you have never experienced. This unique telling of the old story is refreshingly framed by the almost three hundred questions the master Teacher asked. Here you will find solid scholarship engagingly presented and lavishly illustrated.”―J. Robertson McQuilkin, president emeritus, Columbia International University

“Stan’s book is amazing. It’s rich with wisdom and insights. . . . This book will be extremely helpful to others seeking an authentic relationship with Jesus.”―Mary Schaller, president, Q Place


Jeanette Windle

“This book is the best apologetic on the Person of Jesus Christ that I have read in years, maybe ever. Combining tight journalistic prose with thoughtful contemplation, Guthrie employs Jesus Christ’s own techniques of story-telling and asking leading questions to teach truth.”

Dr. Scot McKnight

“The book is filled with stories and quotations — from NT Wright to John Piper — and observations and personal applications, but Stan writes seamlessly as he ponders what Jesus was doing and why and what he was asking and why. The book is a veritable treasure house of Jesus’ ministry and how it can help us today.”

Dr. Warren Larson

“This insightful book uncovers truths about Jesus that I have not thought about half enough even though I have been following him for years.”

Evelyn Bence

“Guthrie’s personal disability — the cerebral palsy that seriously affects his gait and minimizes effective use of one hand — colors and enriches his prose; for example, he’s spent years grappling with the ramifications of Jesus being a compassionate and powerful healer. Guthrie’s Christ is loving and merciful, yet demanding, calling disciples to be accountable for their resources, talents and gifts. The book’s back-cover endorsers are high-profile conservative evangelicals. Guthrie, though seemingly younger than many of them, is poised to join their ranks.”

Chris Castaldo

“Stan is a bright shining star in the constellation of journalists whose work revolves around the centrality of Christ.”

Dr. Louis Markos

“I am always happy when I read a writer who can (in the tradition of Philip Yancey) smoothly combine a reportage-type style with a more literary-type style. Effecting such a fusion is not easy, but Guthrie pulls it off beautifully.”

Dr. Michael Quicke

“Do you find it extraordinary that 292 times Jesus engages humankind by unforgettable questions, yet rarely do we spend much time on them? Questions may uniquely take us to deep places because they reveal so much about the questioner and make special demands of those who are questioned.”

Rob Moll

“By investigating the questions that Jesus asked, Stan Guthrie allows readers to better understand Jesus Christ and how he transforms his followers.”

“This would be a wonderful resource for a sermon series or Bible study.”

Mickey (on

“It is the kind of book that every disciple of Christ can sink their teeth into, learn from, and grow.”

Robert (on

“Questions often expose the depths of both the person asking and the person asked. That’s what makes this book so excellent.”

John A. D’Elia

“We talk a lot about the sermons of Jesus, or his parables, or the conversations he had with his disciples. This is a little different from that. Jesus often used questions to help people understand what he was about—or to get people to wrestle with something he taught—or to prompt some kind of action that would show that his followers were learning how to live out what he was teaching.”

Pastor Roc

“Stan’s writing is intellectually provoking, theologically fair, culturally incisive, and heartwarmingly honest.”

Lynn Severance

“I was totally engaged while reading this book by Stan Guthrie. What an amazing premise he brings – a challenge to his readers to potentially deepen our relationship with Jesus by looking at the questions He spoke as recorded in Scripture. I met that challenge as I read All That Jesus Asks.”

Today in the Word

“Guthrie has organized these questions into 26 chapters and asserts that Jesus’ questions reveal His priorities, what He wants us to believe, and how He wants us to live.”

Diana Prange

“All in all this is another great book by Stan Guthrie. It causes you to notice things in the Bible you might not have noticed before. It challenges you to revisit what you believe about Jesus and how those beliefs affect the way you live your life.”

Letters from Readers:

Hello Mr. Guthrie,

I ran across your blog today and thought I would write you a quick note to say thank you! I drop my teenager off at school nearly an hour before I am to arrive at work, so I have been taking this extra time to read through (carefully and with pen and paper in hand) your outstanding work, All That Jesus Asks. Before I arrive at work each morning, I sit in my Jeep and read through these pages – pages in which I ALWAYS find a smorgasbord of great thinking material that lasts the rest of my day.

The theological issues and great variety of topics make the book a true treasure. One of the best surprises for me personally has been your insights on physical disabilities. It has given me a fresh perspective as I teach my Sunday School class and realize the important issues that those in my class who have physical disabilities often go through today.

I just can’t thank you enough for the great time and energy you put into creating such a master work. You are making a difference in the lives of men and husbands and fathers like me. God bless you.


Eric Dabney
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Good morning, Stan,

Just finished reading your book All That Jesus Asks. I enjoyed it and gained many new insights about the Lover of our souls and about me, His child, whom he continues to love and sanctify, often it seems slowly because of my own stuff! Thank you for writing the book and for your testimony and heart for Jesus! BTW, really enjoyed the last chapter and your references to atheism. Well done, Kingdom Warrior!

Bob Reissiger

Executive and Career Transition Coach

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