Writing Coach

Do you want to write a book? Have you already written one but have no idea how to get it published? Does your book need a little editorial tough love to take it to the next level?

Then you might need a writing coach!

Publishing nowadays is a tough proposition. I know–I’ve been in this game for more than 20 years. I have extensive experience writing, collaborating, editing, and contributing to books in the evangelical Christian market. I’ve authored, co-authored, written, edited, and contributed to more than 30 books. I also serve as a literary agent, bringing good authors, good books, and good publishers together.

Jerry Jenkins, owner of the Christian Writers Guild, says: “I never miss a Stan Guthrie book. I consider him one of the most refreshing and cogent Evangelical thinkers writing today.”

I can share my expertise with you. Sign me up as your publishing coach, and I’ll help you learn how to:

– Discover or refine your idea.

– Evaluate your manuscript.

– Discover and expand your platform.

– Write or refine your book proposal.

– Write or refine your book.

– Evaluate an offer from a publisher.

– Coach you through the writing process.

– Market your book.

You can hire me by the hour or by the project. E-mail me at guthsc[at]att.net for rates and availability.

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