Licensed Minister of the Gospel, Author, Journalist, Pundit, and Podcaster


My speaking topics include:

Jesus Christ;

Missions trends;

The Bible;

Bible prophecy and sacred history;

Evangelism and revival

Christian worldview;

Living with disability;

Corrie ten Boom;

and other topics.

To discuss how I can help you and your ministry, please e-mail me at guthsc[at]att.net.

Speaking Schedule


“The Seven Signs and Why They Matter”

“The First Sign: The New Wine of the Kingdom”

“The Second Sign: Desperate Faith”

“The Fourth Sign: Full Stomachs, Empty Hearts”

“Overcoming Anxiety the Jesus Way”


Kurt & Kate Mornings: The Gift I Didn’t Want

The Spiritual Uses of Unemployment (below)

The Answer for Anxiety (excerpt)

God’s Power, God’s People

Books & Culture Podcast with John Wilson

Various interviews on Moody Radio

Public Speaker / Preacher / Teacher

  • Weekly guest on “Thursdays with Stan” segment for Moody Radio Florida’s “Kurt and Kate Mornings.”
  • “The Seven Signs of Jesus,” “Victorious: Corrie ten Boom and the Hiding Place,” “Overcoming Anxiety the Jesus Way,” New Covenant Church, Naperville, Ill.
  • Three-part Sermon Series: “The Sacrament of Evangelism,” Pathway Community Church, Elmhurst, Ill.
  • “How Jesus Meets Our Deepest Human Longings,” Timothy Christian School, Elmhurst, Ill.
  • “God’s Story in 39 Verses,” The Kesher Forum, Northfield, Ill.
  • Aurora Christian Ministry Network: The Sacrament of Evangelism.
  • Moody Pastors Conference: The Sacrament of Evangelism.
  • Wheaton Evangelical Free Church: “Eyes to See the Works of God.”
  • Indiana Wesleyan University: Workshop: “How to Write a Book Proposal.”
  • ABC’s Nightline Twittercast: “Are Fears of American Muslims Overblown?” Debate with Ibrahim Hooper.
  • Q Place, Vital 2010: All That Jesus Asks.
  • Johnsen & Taylor: “What Is the Kingdom of God Like?”
  • First Trust, Wheaton, Ill.: “The Spiritual Uses of Unemployment.”
  • Tyndale House Publishers: “The Answer for Anxiety.”
  • Good News Publishers / Crossway Books: “The God Who Relates,” “The God Who Questions.”
  • Christian Book Expo: “Does the God of Christianity Exist, and What Difference Does It Make?” (moderator for panel including Christopher Hitchens, William Lane Craig, Lee Strobel, Jim Denison, and Douglas Wilson).
  • The Gathering: Missions in the Third Millennium.
  • Wheaton College / Wheaton College Graduate School:  “Manuscript Editing,” “Tips for Great Writing,”  “Global Trends and Great Commission Progress.”
  • College Church: “God’s Story in 66 Verses” (College Church Men’s Gathering Book Study), “How to Pray,” “Dreams and Divine Interruptions,” “The First Sign: Turning Water into Wine,” “God’s Story in 66 Verses,” “Christian, It’s Time to Get Your Hopes Up,” “Reaching Jewish People with the Gospel,” “God’s Power, God’s People,” “The Spiritual Uses of Unemployment,” “Suffering and Trials: A Picture of God’s Grace,” “His Forerunner,” “Why We Need the Disabled,” “Top 10 Realities in World Missions,” “Basics on the Least Reached,” “The Work of God Displayed,” “Stories of the Least Reached” (with Harold Smith); “Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Great Commission Companies,” “Christmas Hopes and Fears,” “A Dangerous Faith,” “The Sacrament of Evangelism,” “Jesus on Trial.”
  • Windsor Park Manor: “A Dangerous Faith,” “Why We Need the Disabled,” “I’m Not as Special as I Used to Think.”
  • Northwestern College (annual Q&A with students): Missions in the Third Millennium.
  • World Journalism Institute: “Basics of Magazine Journalism.”
  • International Christian Retail Show: “Three Things Publicists Need to Know….”
  • Vermeer String Quartet / Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago (with Barack Obama): “I Thirst.”
  • Saint James Cathedral, Chicago / WFMT: Meditation on Jesus’ question “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” during performance of Haydn’s The Seven Last Words of Christ.
  • Rosary Chapel, Dominican University, River Forest, Ill. / WFMT: Meditation on Jesus’ word “I Thirst” during Vermeer Quartet’s performance of Haydn’s The Seven Last Words of Christ.
  • ACMC: “Trends and Great Commission Progress,”  “Top 10 Missions Trends.”
  • Media Associates International: “The Art of Interviewing.”
  • Evangelical Press Association: “21 Trends in Missions.”
  • Evangelical Church Library Association: “How I Became an Author,” “Getting Over Yourself: The Joy of Letting Go.”
  • DuPage Care Center: “The First Sign: The Wine Flows,” “The Second Sign: The Sick Are Healed,” “The Third Sign: The Lame Walk,” “The Fourth Sign: The Hungry Are Fed,” “The Fifth Sign: The Waters Are Tamed,” “The Sixth Sign: The Blind Receive Their Sight,” “The Seventh Sign: The Dead Are Raised,” ““God’s Bucket List for You,” “God’s Forever Home.”

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