Missions in the Third Millennium

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Foreword by Jonathan J. Bonk

Revised and Expanded Second Edition

Christianity is the world’s most global faith. And yet, at the dawn of the third millennium, the church’s primary task, to make disciples of all nations, remains undone. This book charts 21 trends–positive and negative–that affect our ability to complete the Great Commission.
This edition contains extensive notes, expanded suggestions for further reading, and discussion questions.


“Necessary reading.”
Scott Moreau, Wheaton College and Evangelical Missions Quarterly
“Delightful, readable.”
Ralph Winter, U.S. Center for World Mission
“Essential reading.”
Patrick Johnstone, Operation World
“Fast-moving overview reads like a newspaper and hits like a bullet train.”
Steve Hoke, Church Resource Ministries
“A great service.”
David Neff, Christianity Today


Brad Rhoads (Amazon.com)
“Convinced Me To Join Mission Aviation Fellowship Learning Technologies.”

pzoo (Amazon.com)

“Highly relevant information; you will definitely use it for any research.”

Melanie (Christianbook.com)
“This book was AMAZING! … a must read for anyone, but especially MISSION MAJORS!”

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