I’ll stop harping on this soon, but I’m getting awfully tired of so-called “conservative” talk show hosts preemptively blaming me for Trump’s coming loss in November. I wasn’t the one who paved the way for the only Republican candidate who could possibly lose to Hillary Clinton.

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hillaryTrump supporters hoping against hope that Hillary’s endless scandals will somehow give him the White House haven’t been paying attention. We already know she won’t be indicted (thanks, Jim Comey), and all of America understands she’s “crooked.” Certainly the Republican nominee is a flawed messenger when it comes to ethics or character, anyway. So how exactly will new revelations of corruption at the Clinton Foundation change any minds or, more importantly, any votes?

Republicans–other than those strange souls who have come out for Hillary because The Donald is so bad–are already not going to vote for her. But I have yet to encounter a single Democrat who cares about her reprehensible character enough to actually vote for Trump, much less stay home on Election Day. They greet each new scandal with a yawn. The allure of abortion, marriage redefinition, a government that rewards its friends and punishes its enemies, and bathroom politics is simply too great.

Trump said he could probably commit murder and his supporters would stick with him, and he’s probably right. But by the same token, I daresay that Hillary could perform an abortion, without anaesthesia, on an unwilling black woman in broad daylight, and her voters would tell us why this is a good thing.

In American politics, character no longer matters–in candidates or in voters.

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donkey hoteyTrump supporters such as Mike Gallagher like to contrast Hillary’s proven mendacity, leftist ideology, and incompetence with Donald’s “bombast”–as if “bombast” is the only reason detractors like me don’t like Trump. To tell you the truth, bombast is the least of The Donald’s problems. In fact, you cannot really label his endless character assassinations, innuendos, threats, and conspiracy theories as “bombastic” at all. The word means “pompous or pretentious.” John Kasich or even Ted Cruz is sometimes bombastic; Trump assuredly is not.

And anyway, it’s not Trump’s words that bother us so much; it’s the character, or lack thereof, that causes such nasty, unhinged words to be uttered in the first place. As Jesus said, “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

“Bombast” has nothing to do with it.

Image credit: Donkey Hotey.

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No trial is so difficult that it can diminish by one iota your ability to walk with God and do His will for that day.

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My books now available thru PayPal

atjasacevangacgtbp coverGSISVmittmIf you like my books but don’t want Amazon to get a cut, you can order them (including the out-of-print All That Jesus Asks) directly from me, using PayPal.

The PayPal email address is guthrie.stan@gmail.com.

Or you can get them via Amazon, at SGC Books & Bibles.

Questions? Email me at guthsc@att.net. Thanks!

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The Book for Brazil

mileneoBrazil also has a strong and vibrant missions movement. My first book, Missions in the Third Millennium, was translated into Portuguese a number of years ago. Here’s my copy, still in its shrink wrap.

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Was I dreaming, or did Donald Trump just apologize? Never thought I’d see the day. A cynic would say his sinking poll numbers gave him no choice but to start acting decently. Did the Holy Spirit convict him, or was it his new campaign manager?

Time will tell. One thing’s for sure–if God can soften the heart of Donald Trump, there’s hope for the rest of us.

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On the Radio: A Rough Road Ahead for Religious Liberty, World Missions

micHere’s my Moody Radio Florida interview about “A Rough Road Ahead for Religious Liberty, World Missions,” my latest column for BreakPoint.

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Graphic1The Obama administration’s “guidance” on transgender bathroom policy in schools continues to be felt … even in Wheaton. Yesterday was the first day of school for my son Evan, who is a sophomore at Wheaton Warrenville South High School.

In many classes the teachers asked students to fill out self-surveys, and this was the case in Evan’s “health” class. One of the questions asked Evan for his “preferred pronoun.” (This is one of the items covered in the transgender “guidance.”)

Evan is a pretty quiet guy. But instead of going along with this reality-twisting political correctness, entirely on his own he stuck his neck out and made a statement. His answer:


I’m proud of Evan, who reminds me of the little boy who had the courage to speak the truth, that the emperor has no clothes. May more and more of us, for the good of our neighbors, display the same courage in the days ahead.

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imagesDonald Trump, who has boasted incessantly that he will hire only “the best people” as president and will start acting “presidential” when the time comes, is now on his third campaign manager (perhaps the third time really is the charm?) and is trying (for the umpteenth time) to “pivot” by sticking to carefully scripted speeches and avoiding the unhinged comments that have frightened so many people who are actively evaluating his fitness for the Oval Office.

Surely, Trump supporters say, with 82 days until the election, it is not too late to right the ship … and perhaps they are right. But I doubt it.

With every insult, rant, and conspiracy theory he voices, The Donald has spent the past year and change telling us exactly who he is–and it’s not a pretty picture. A couple of good speeches in a row now or a new campaign manager cannot erase the picture he has painted for us in such bold strokes. When it comes time to pull the lever, I believe Trump will have spent all his political capital. At some point, it is simply too late. As the saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Trump’s chance to knock off the weakest and most corrupt Democrat in a generation has probably come and gone already. His position reminds me of the classic Loony Tunes cartoon in which the notoriously volatile Yosemite Sam has received a fortune but loses it piece by piece every time he loses his temper, with Bugs Bunny keeping the ledger.

After a series of explosions, in the final scene, Sam exclaims happily, “I got it licked, rabbit. I don’t get mad no more. Watch this.” The servants then kick him, and hit him with a pie and a rolling pin–and Sam finally keeps his cool, smiling broadly, saying, “See? Ha ha. I can take it. Ha ha ha!”

Then Bugs Bunny turns and says to the camera: “I ain’t got the heart tell him he’s used up all the money.”

Donald Trump has used up all the money.

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