When the Sky Really Is Falling

By Eric Metaxas

fireWhen Chicken Little said the sky is falling, we all laughed. Well, maybe it’s time we stopped laughing.

See the great resource at the bottom.

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Voting is basically an affirmative act. You cannot vote against someone, only for someone. Though you may have personal reservations, a vote, with 100 percent of its meaning going to a single candidate, is an unambiguous statement of support.

Whom will you support in November?

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Whatever their specific positions on the issues, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders were known as men of principle.

One of them still is.

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Warning: Before You Self-Publish

By Jerry Jenkins

book stackA company can call itself whatever it wants—hybrid, subsidy, cooperative, indie—but if you pay one dime for any of their services (even committing to a minimum initial order as part of the deal or paying for publicity or any other marketing element), you’re self-publishing.

Food for thought from someone who knows the pros and the cons. While I’m more open to self-publishing than I used to be, I understand there are barriers and costs either way. Each situation is different.

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The only thing that depresses me more than the prospect of a Trump presidency is, by a whisker, the prospect of a Hillary presidency. And that’s not an endorsement–believe me!

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Abandoning Scripture, Abandoning Faith and Morals

By John Stonestreet

Graphic1The fact is, no denomination, pastor, or church embraces so-called “same-sex marriage” without already having abandoned biblical orthodoxy. The great G.K. Chesterton once said, “Heresy always affects morality, if it’s heretical enough.”

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A few thoughts about Trump’s speech and what I saw the last night of the convention:

donkey hoteyDonald Trump thanked evangelicals for their support but otherwise studiously ignored them (us).* Unless I dozed off (not impossible, given the length of his remarks), he said nothing about religious liberty or the dignity of human life. But he did go out of his way to praise the “LGBTQ community,” managing to backhandedly insult Republicans for cheering his stated desire to protect them from ISIS, as if he didn’t expect this.

His speech seemed effective–if overly loud–given what it was. Whether it draws in more people to the GOP will depend on if voters share his diagnoses of the problems in America.

I found the overall tone of the convention lacking the optimism and morality of years past. It’s hard to have hope and to stand for righteousness, I guess, where Christ is not welcome.

Ivanka Trump, the latest in a long line of impressive Trump progeny on display in Cleveland, stated that she’s really not a Republican, although she came just short of saying she votes her conscience. Her advocacy of “equal pay” (so-called) seemed more in line with the Democratic platform, however.

Peter Thiel, the PayPal exec, gave an effective and mercifully brief takedown of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. He is right that, thanks to their stewardship, America is no longer a high-tech nation, and that this must change.

However, his open statement that he is “proud to be gay,” followed by the crowd’s cheers, made clear that this isn’t your father’s (or mother’s) GOP. I’m all for treating homosexuals (if this word is still allowed) with dignity and respect as fellow image-bearers, but it does sadden me to see Republicans normalize their ungodly, self-destructive behavior.

It looks as if a lot of Christian values have been given the bum’s rush by Trump’s new Republican Party. It is time for serious Christians to rethink their political strategies and commitments.

* Unless you count his bizarre promise to undo a 1965 law that forbids preachers from endorsing from the pulpit.

Image credit: Donkey Hotey.

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On the Radio: When Jesus Had a Wife

micJohn Blok of Moody Radio Florida interviews me about my BreakPoint column, “When Jesus Had a Wife.”

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A good education cannot cleanse a sinful heart.

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A few thoughts on the speech last night:

16536540067_c42bf9085a_nTed Cruz may have ended his political career, and if so, that’s all right. It’s better to honor your loved ones than the bully who mocked and slandered them. It’s also better to sleep in the bedroom than on the couch. At least Cruz will be able to sleep at night.

Critics are saying Cruz ought to forgive Trump. Why aren’t they saying that Trump ought to ask for forgiveness?

It seems that Cruz did what Reagan did in 1976–deliver a gracious, principled speech without endorsing the nominee. The biggest difference is that Reagan didn’t get booed off the stage.

Cruz’s words were good: freedom, principle, voting your conscience. But he didn’t give the mob the one thing they cared about–his endorsement. His shameful treatment says more about them than about him.

Cruz is taking a principled gamble with his career and looking beyond this election, which is a lost cause. Perhaps in the future character and principle will matter once more. If so, he may be remembered as one of the few who stood tall when everyone else was bowing down to The Donald. If not, then the least thing Ted Cruz will have to worry about is his reputation.

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