I’m not responsible for Trump. Trump is responsible for Trump. Instead of earning my eventual vote, The Donald has gone out of his way during the primaries to earn my contempt. If Trump wins the nomination and loses the general election to Hillary, it’s on him.

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Off the Shelf: Entrusted

Entrusted: Anchoring Your Life in the Gospel

By David Shibley

entrustedIn today’s moral and theological fog many have lost sight of the gospel. Lesser agendas have taken center stage. In this confusing, fearful time you have been vouchsafed with the greatest Story ever told­—you have been entrusted with the gospel! This book is about anchoring your life in the gospel—prizing it, protecting it, proclaiming it, and living in its priceless privileges. It’s a call to put the gospel first—first in our loyalties, first in our preaching, first in how we view people, first in how we view life. This is a book whose time has come. Let its message bring fresh hope, joy, and passion for Jesus to your heart!

My endorsement:

G.K. Chesterton once said, “People reject the idea of original sin when it is the only doctrine of Christianity that can be empirically proven.” And, indeed, the daily headlines confirm that something is desperately wrong with humanity, and with our world. In this bracing volume my friend David Shibley persuasively diagnoses the problem and winsomely describes the solution–the good news of Jesus Christ, applied to all of life. For a fresh dose of encouragement on how to share this good news, don’t miss Entrusted!

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Indiana Republicans, PLEASE keep this headline from coming true:

Trump Defends Rapist, Blames Victim, Sews Up Nomination

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Fiorina rips Trump for touting Mike Tyson endorsement

By Nolan D. McCaskill

boxing glovesFiorina, standing beside Cruz as the two took questions from the media in Indianapolis, said she was “interested to see” the endorsement and blasted the real-estate mogul for calling Tyson “tough,” referring to when the boxer was convicted of rape in the 1990s, in Indiana, no less.

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Donald Trump, though precious in God’s eyes, on the human level frequently acts like a scumbag. I am under no obligation, moral or otherwise, to vote for such a person. If Trump loses the election, therefore, it is his fault, not mine.

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How Islam Created Europe


crescentIn late antiquity, the religion split the Mediterranean world in two. Now it is remaking the Continent.

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God’s love has no asterisk.

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Ted and Carly are quite possibly the smartest, most conservative ticket ever. Choose the shallow, unprincipled Trump at your peril.

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lincolnWith the caveat that I believe Ted Cruz still has a chance (though a diminishing one), I’m starting to believe a Trump candidacy is–if not inevitable–much more likely than not. My estimation of Trump–boorish, bullying, misogynistic, egotistical, lazy, vindictive, ungodly, untrustworthy–has not changed. I still don’t know whether I can vote for someone who is manifestly unfit to hold the office he seeks (though the prospect of Hillary Clinton in the White House one more time does tend to focus one’s attention on practical matters). Certainly if Trump offers to nominate Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court, I would have to consider it.

As a Christian, I trust in God’s sovereignty, not only in my life, but in the life of this nation, which clearly has fallen from a great height. Our nation deserves not His mercy but His judgment, and if voters are bound and determined to give us Trump or Clinton, it seems clear that we will be undone by our own hand. As Lincoln once said, “If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

I don’t expect Trump to win the presidency, at least not in his current proud and pathetic state. I believe if Trump completes his takeover of the Republican Party, Hillary will win, and the nation will perhaps have reached the political and societal point of no return. A Trump victory, improbable as it seems, would likely be nearly as bad. Even so, God’s kingdom–our first priority–will prevail. A corrupt and declining America cannot change that.

This morning, perhaps for the first time, I prayed for Donald Trump’s soul. He needs to know Jesus, and America needs for him to know Jesus.

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The Most Dangerous Book in the World

By Eric Metaxas

Psalm23aWhat do the Bible and “Fifty Shades of Grey” have in common? If you said nothing, sadly, you’d be wrong.

Good thoughts. See the list of resources for a special offer on God’s Story in 66 Verses.GSISV1

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