footballAmazing. This week the Ravens signed journeyman backup Jimmy Clausen, who has a 1-11 career record as a starter and was so miserable in his games this year that the Bears cut him midseason. Meanwhile, a revamped Tim Tebow, with a 9-7 record, a playoff win, and who is a dual threat as a runner and a passer, continues to wait.

Please don’t tell me Clausen is better than Tebow. If there were two evenly matched teams, you had to choose one, and you had to bet your life savings on the outcome, which guy would you really want to be the quarterback on your team? If you say, “Clausen,” I’d like to sell you some oceanfront property in Omaha.

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Memo to hard-of-hearing Democratic demagogues (you know who you are): Listening is a skill. When a Republican says we are at war with “radical Islam,” he (or she) doe not mean–and has not said–that we are at war with all Muslims.

Stop treating the Republicans as your enemy and be about the business of protecting the country.

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On the Radio: The Blessing of Gratitude

John Blok of Moody Radio Florida and I discuss my CT article, “The Blessing of Gratitude.” Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hey, Mr. President: Syria just called, and it wants its people back.

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The Blessing of Gratitude

By Stan Guthrie

The nine who did not give thanks were not only rude. They were also ignorant, misaligned with the truth of the universe: We are the recipients, not the creators, of goodness. In acknowledging this simple truth we ennoble ourselves. “God,” John Piper says, “is the one Being in all the universe for whom seeking his own praise is the ultimately loving act.”

Based on my book, All That Jesus Asks.

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If you’ve got sore knees, you have no grounds to complain if you also have a beautiful wife who will ice them for you.

I do.

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President Obama bloodlessly calls the massacre in Paris a “setback.” It’s only when Republicans attempt to ensure that American security is up to snuff that the commander in chief gets mad, resorting to sophomoric taunts that they are “afraid of 3-year-olds.”

Does anyone else find his behavior and priorities deeply disturbing?

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Hillary Clinton recently admitted that she cannot fathom the motivations and psychology of terrorists. Precisely. That’s why Libya is a shambles right now … and why we will all be in big trouble if she becomes our next president. We will survive the Obama presidency, but if it is followed up by a Clinton presidency, I’m not so sure.

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The administration assures us that refugee screening takes a full 18-24 months, yet wants us to take in 10,000 more Syrian refugees next year. Something doesn’t add up.

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Be kind, even to those who don’t reciprocate. God does this every day.

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