Trump, in New Hampshire, takes credit for release of Obama birth certificate

Washington Post

Real estate mogul Donald Trump, a possible GOP presidential contender who has been at the forefront of the birther movement, took credit Wednesday for the release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, saying that he was “honored” to have played such a big role in forcing the issue.

As someone who has never put much stock in this issue (though I have wondered why Obama didn’t put it to rest years ago), I’m amazed that Trump was able to goad the president into addressing this issue when other Republicans were afraid to touch it. I think it remains the wrong issue to focus on when there are so many real problems with this presidency, but Mr. Obama apparently concluded the doubts Trump expressed were hurting him politically.

Obama says the birther controversy is “silly,” and he has more important things to do. Agreed. But is that why he hustled over to Oprah’s Chicago studios for an interview? Is that what we are paying him to do?

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