Hoping for a change of subject from the VA and a quick PR victory lap for winning the release of Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, our hubris-filled president instead has yet another scandal on his hands–and this one just might prove fatal.

Most people suspect that Mr. Obama doesn’t love our military, is uncomfortable with American dominance in the world, will ignore the law whenever he wants, is more sympathetic to the Muslim world than any previous president, and is weak in foreign affairs. The Bergdahl scandal accentuates all these longstanding doubts about Mr. Obama:

1. The president apparently traded five high-value Taliban terrorists for an America-hating deserter (who may possibly have helped the enemy in a time of war). While it is good to get an American “prisoner” home (if that’s what he was), his is not exactly a feel-good story. Meanwhile, the president has done nothing for a U.S. Marine languishing in a Mexican jail.

2. At least five or six American soldiers died trying to find Bergdahl, underscoring Mr. Obama’s lack of concern for U.S. soldiers, who have gotten the shaft via Mr. Obama’s criminally run VA. Patriotism and honor count for little with this president, who at one point was uncomfortable even wearing a U.S. flag lapel pin.

3. Mr. Obama’s release of the five Taliban commanders underscores his “get out at all costs” mentality when it comes to Afghanistan, which undoubtedly has cost American lives already. It might also be grounds for impeachment. Whether or not that’s true, this rash act endangers all U.S. personnel serving overseas.

4. The initial dissembling by administration flunkies such as Susan Rice (again on the Sunday talk show circuit) is a reminder of all the lies surrounding the Benghazi scandal.

5. The president stood by passively as Bergdahl’s father praised Allah in Arabic, underscoring all the doubts about Mr. Obama’s religion and ultimate loyalties.

6. Mr. Obama ignored a law he signed that requires him to notify Congress 30 days before any prisoner is moved out of Guantanamo. This reminds everyone of the president’s habitual lawlessness whenever he encounters a law he doesn’t like.

So the Bergdahl scandal, in a way unlike all the other scandals, might actually stick.

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