donkey hoteyDespite the grim prospect of a Hillary presidency, for many reasons, mostly of his own making, the incoherent, unprincipled Donald Trump faces a fractured Republican Party and a divided conservative movement. Only Trump can bring about the unity he needs to win in November (whether he admits it or not).

The easy part is to remember that he is supposed to be representing the Republicans and tailor his policy and personnel choices accordingly. The hard part is to make amends to all those he has smeared, mocked, and slandered–women, minorities, the disabled, and fellow Republicans.

It starts with something very simple–an apology. But Trump is such a bullying narcissist that I doubt he can manage this, even if it’s all that stands between him and the White House. After all, he has already said he has never felt the need to ask God for forgiveness. If Trump feels he owes nothing to the Almighty, I doubt he’ll ever get around to apologizing to the rest of us.

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